Interseasonal Heat Transfer™

An IHT installation is delivered by ICAX Ltd as a turnkey package in five stages:

1 - detailed design work, including bespoke thermal modelling exercise and report to ensure that heat and cooling requirements are matched to the building design and local geology.

2 - Installation of ground arrays for ICAX Solar Collector and ICAX ThermalBanks.

3 - Installation of ICAX packaged plant which is delivered on an ICAX Skid (including electronic controls, and heat pump) and connection of feeder pipes (to and from Collector, ThermalBanks and heat delivery system). The ICAX Skid balances heating and cooling demands within a building, and stores any "waste heat" in ThermalBanks for use at another time.

4 - Final testing and Commissioning to ensure that IHT is working as designed.

5 - Service, Maintenance and Reporting.

We also provide a full maintenance service after commissioning to ensure that the IHT system is tuned to the way that your building is used in practice and can provide performance reporting of energy saved if you require this.






Ground Source Heat Pump Association ICAX is a member of BSRIA

ICAX uses Citation ICAX is committed to the highest standards of health and safety in the working environment and uses health and safety systems provided by Citation plc.