ICAX advises on the sustainability of Ground Source Energy systems

ICAX provides consulting services to advise on the design of ground source energy systems that can achieve long term sustainable heating and cooling systems. The advice is based on thermal models that have been developed by ICAX over many years of research to achieve thermal equilibrium. ICAX clients for these Thermal Modelling services have included Mott MacDonald, Tesco, Highways Agency, REHAU, Telford & Wrekin Borough Council, Merton Borough Council, and the European Union.

ICAX Ltd provides turnkey packages for meeting sustainable energy targets

ICAX™ is a cleantech company helping to meet the demand for on-site renewable energy and sustainable development by using interseasonal heat stores to achieve low carbon buildings.

ICAX Limited provides a turnkey package for meeting sustainable energy targets on construction projects. We undertake design and installation to ensure that heating and cooling needs are met in a sustainable way. ICAX provides a complete range of services from initial feasibility through design and delivery, to in use maintenance.

ICAX achieves this with Interseasonal Heat Transfer™ – a complementary integration of well tried technologies.

ICAX Ltd pursues research into energy efficiency

ICAX has a team of thermal energy specialists which pursues research into energy efficiency in the built environment, solar thermal collection from asphalt roads and roof surfaces, long term solar thermal storage with a view to reducing green house gas emissions. ICAX has been involved in award-winning research and development projects in building physics, thermal energy storage and energy-efficient buildings for many years.

ICAX has extensive experience in Asphalt Solar Collectors and Underground Thermal Energy Storage.

ICAX uses its extensive experience in thermal modelling to research the use of new building materials and to ensure that its commercial designs are tuned to maximise the saving of energy and optimise scarce resources.


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ICAX projects using Underground Thermal Energy Storage:
Toddington | Howe Dell School | Hiroshima | HMP Garth | Suffolk One College | Merton
Tesco Greenfield Supermarket | Wellington Civic Centre | Cambridge Terrace, NW1