Green Technologies

With the advent of the Renewable Heat Incentive there is renewed interest in the renewable heat technologies which can provide heat and save on carbon emissions in buildings. This page lists a number of renewable heat technologies used by ICAX Ltd. However, the full benefit is only realised when these green technologies are successfully integrated into Interseasonal Heat Transfer to allow reusable energy.

Asphalt Solar Collector

Asphalt Solar Collector

ICAX Limited developed the Asphalt Solar Collector as part of the ICAX Solar Road System for use in Interseasonal Heat Transfer. An Asphalt Solar Collector is an efficient means of collecting a large amount of warmth to raise the temperature of a ThermalBank from the natural temperature of the ground up to over 25°C. Asphalt Solar Collector.

Asphalt Heat Rejector

ICAX Limited also uses the asphalt heat collector as an asphalt heat rejector. For buildings with an overall need for cooling ICAX uses an asphalt heat rejector to radiate heat to the night sky and release heat from ThermalBanks to create a cold store in winter to provide natural cooling more cheaply in summer. An Asphalt Heat Rejector can be used to reject surplus heat from a building - especially at night, so that the building requires less cooling the following day.

Borehole Thermal Energy Storage

Borehole Thermal Energy Storage can be used to store heat in the ground from the time it is freely available - in summer - to the time that it is needed for space heating - in winter.

Energy Recycling

Energy Recycling is an efficient mechanism for capturing heat in the summer, storing heat in ThermalBanks over the autumn and delivering it as renewable heat in winter for space heating.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

A Ground Source Heat Pump can perform well if correctly installed in a suitable building. The performance is dependent on an efficient heat distribution system in the building - and is greatly affected by the temperature available to it from the ground.

Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery Systems are used to recover surplus heat in summer for recycling through ThermalBanks until needed in winter. Heat recovery also provides cooling, and is used in IT server rooms all year round.

Heat Recycling

Heat Recycling is used to capture surplus solar heat in summer, store it in thermalbanks over the autumn for recycling for space heating in winter. Heat can be re-used, instead of being wasted in the summer and regenerated from fossil fuels sources in winter.

Heat Pumps

A Heat Pump is a machine working on the Carnot cycle which transfers heat from a heat source to a heat sink using a vapour compression cycle. Heat pumps come in a variety of forms.

ICAX Skid controls IHT


An ICAX Skid is a platform with packaged plant which is delivered as a pre-assembled and tested unit incorporating the control mechanisms for Interseasonal Heat Transfer.

Reusable Heat

It is cheaper to employ Reusable Heat than to regenerate heat when it is needed in winter. Surplus solar heat can be captured in summer, stored it in thermalbanks over the autumn and reused for space heating in winter.

Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage

Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage can be used to store heat in the ground from the time it is freely available - in summer - to the time that it is needed for space heating - in winter.

Solar Chimney ventilation

A Solar Chimney, or a solar thermal chimney, can be used to improve natural ventilation in buildings by encouraging the convection of air. Solar Chimneys have been used since the time of the Persians and the Romans.

Solar Road Systems

Solar Road Systems are used to collect heat energy in summer for storage in Thermalbanks in the ground. Heat is returned to the same road in winter to maintain the surface temperature above freezing.

Solar Roofing

Solar Roofing is used to collect solar thermal energy from pitched roofs to provide domestic hot water, to heat swimming pools or to recharge Thermalbanks. Solar recharge is used to increase the heat in thermalBanks in order to improve the coefficient of performance of ground source heat pumps in winter.

Thermalbank array


Thermalbanks are used to store heat in the ground from the time it is freely available - in summer - to the time that it is needed for space heating - in winter.

Thermal Modelling

Thermal Modelling is employed on each IHT design to ensure that a heat balance is achieved over each year: the amount of heat extracted from the Thermalbank over the winter should match the amount of heat deposited in the bank over the summer.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating is an efficient mechanism for distributing heat into a building.

Underfloor Cooling

An Underfloor Cooling can be used to recover heat from within a building - as a means of providing cooling in the building in summer.

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