ICAX Consultancy Services

ICAX is a leading sustainable energy innovation company. ICAX's knowledge, skill and capability in providing sustainable energy analysis and consultancy is sought by leading companies and organisations. Our clients include:

The European Union Suffolk County Council Mott MacDonald
The Carbon Trust Telford & Wrekin Council Tesco plc
British Airports Authority Merton Council Wellcome Trust
The Highways Agency Redbridge Borough Council Misawa Corporation
Innovate UK London Borough of Sutton Crossrail Ltd
BEIS London Borough of Southwark Shoreham Port Authority


As part of our services offer, we can provide a complete analysis of the energy needs of the project, and a full spectrum of analyses of the economic and carbon benefits of different renewable energy options.

ICAX Renewable Energy Consultancy Services include:

Project Energy Strategy guidance

ICAX can provide a complete analysis of the energy options for a particular project, assisting clients in their choice of the best strategy to take forward. We have detailed knowledge of the key performance characteristics of all sustainable technologies, and are able to offer our clients a clear, unbiased view of what choices would best meet their requirements. This analysis may include carbon emissions saving and sustainable energy grant income benefit comparisons.

Project energy profiling

ICAX can provide detailed energy profiling for heating and cooling, including energy profiling modelling for heating and cooling loads.

System Modelling

ICAX is able to provide detailed modelling of heating and cooling system performance using dynamic system thermal modelling.

Registration for Government tariffs

ICAX offers assistance for clients wishing to register for Government tariff support, such as FITS (Feed in Tariff Scheme) and RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) and to achieve accreditation with Ofgem.

Plant Room Analysis

ICAX advises on diagnosis and troubleshooting of HVAC systems

ICAX provides consulting services to diagnose and fix heating and cooling systems which are not performing as intended. These may be because the HVAC systems are not achieving the temperatures needed, because they are not working efficiently, or because they are emitting more carbon emissions than necessary.

ICAX clients for these diagnostic services have included Redbridge Council, London South Bank University and The Wellcome Trust.

Thermal Energy System Specialists

Ground source energy presents a very large opportunity to recycle energy but the control mechanisms involved need to be sophisticated to achieve strong results from relatively subtle heat transfers. Good results are unlikely to be achieved from an unassisted ground source heat pump. Detailed thermal modelling based on a firm understanding of the building, its geology and heating and cooling loads are needed to achieve long term sustainable savings of money (and CO2 emissions).

ICAX Ltd provides turnkey packages for meeting sustainable energy targets

ICAX™ is a cleantech company helping to meet the demand for on-site renewable energy and sustainable development by using interseasonal heat stores to achieve low carbon buildings.

ICAX provides a turnkey package for meeting sustainable energy targets on construction projects. We undertake design and installation to ensure that heating and cooling needs are met in a sustainable way. ICAX provides a complete range of services from initial feasibility through design and delivery, to in use maintenance.

ICAX achieves this with Interseasonal Heat Transfer™ – a complementary integration of well tried technologies.

ICAX Ltd provides turnkey packages for maintaining aircraft parking stands ice free

ICAX provides turnkey packages for maintaining aircraft parking stands ice free and snow free using renewable energy collected from the same surfaces in summer. Solar heat energy is stored in underground Thermalbanks until needed in winter to ensure surfaces are maintained above the freezing point of water. We undertake design and installation to ensure that de-icing is provided in a sustainable way to increase the winter resilience of airports. This service is based on extensive thermal modelling techniques which have been refined following experience from live projects.

ICAX Ltd pursues research into energy efficiency

ICAX also pursues research into energy efficiency in the built environment, solar thermal collection from asphalt roads and roof surfaces, long term solar thermal storage with a view to reducing green house gas emissions. ICAX has been involved in award-winning research and development projects in building physics, thermal energy storage and energy-efficient buildings for many years.

ICAX has extensive experience in Asphalt Solar Collectors and Underground Thermal Energy Storage.

ICAX uses its extensive experience in thermal modelling to research the use of new building materials and to ensure that its designs are tuned to maximise the saving of energy and optimise scarce resources.

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We prefer to work in conjunction with architects and M&E consultants from the earliest stage to ensure that there is a clear understanding of how we can help to deliver a sustainable building with a high carbon offset.

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