ICAX™ – Mitsubishi Electric – WR2 Technology – Heat Recovery

Mitsubishi Electric provides ground source heat pumps and WR2 technology from its air conditioning division.

The Mitsubishi WR2 system consists of a set of compact fan coil condenser units linked by a two-pipe heat transfer system where each of the units can provide heat, or extract heat, independently. This allows heat to be extracted from rooms subject to high heat gains (from solar energy, IT server rooms, plant rooms or high occupancy areas) and transferred to rooms needing heat (because of shading, or low activity levels).

This approach of sharing heat is much more economical than the standard solution of “wasting” heat from hot areas and burning fuel to heat cold areas.

ICAX can use the WR2 system to extend the principles of Interseasonal Heat Transfer (of collecting free heat in summer for use in winter) to allow for sharing of heat within a building where there are simultaneous needs for heating and cooling.

ICAX™ – Intrabuilding Heat Transfer™ – Heat Recovery

Mitsubishi's WR2 technology is very effective where there are simultaneous needs for heating and cooling within a building. The heat recovery potential is fully realised in conjunction with IHT where ICAX can store overall surplus heat extracted by WR2 heat recovery systems and return it when needed in winter when the balance of heat demand changes.

The combination of these two complementary renewable technologies by ICAX is a major new step toward the target of achieving Zero Carbon Buildings.

ICAX Intrabuilding Heat Transfer

Intrabuilding Heat Transfer components provide simultaneous heating and cooling

This type of VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) system consists of a number of air handling units (up to 48) connected to a modular external condensing unit and the ICAX Skid. The refrigerant flow is varied using either an inverter controlled variable speed compressor, or multiple compressors of varying capacity in response to changes in the cooling or heating requirement of different zones within a building.

It is critical for ICAX that Mitsubishi Electric places a high emphasis on the quality and longevity of its products, backed up by extensive research and development.

Green Technologies

ICAX is demonstrating that green technologies can be successfully integrated in the search for Zero Carbon Buildings. Sustainable energy solutions can be reached with cost effective solar energy. ICAX has installed Intrabuilding Heat Transfer™ in the new Acacia Intergenerational Centre in the London Borough of Merton using Mitsubishi Heat Pumps and WR2 heat recovery equipment.

ICAX uses Mitsubishi equipment

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