ICAX™ - REHAU - Strategic Alliance

ICAX as thermal energy specialists have formed a strategic alliance with REHAU, which provides piping and associated equipment for ICAX Solar Collectors and ThermalBanks.

REHAU has grown over the last 40 years by applying specialist knowledge of polymers to the building and automotive industries. The focus has been on refining its products and providing specialist knowledge to its agents and partners.

Amongst a range of products for the construction industry REHAU supplies cross-linked polyethylene piping for use in underfloor heating installations. PE-Xa is very durable, capable of retaining its structural integrity in a very wide range of temperatures and conditions and lasting for the life of the buildings it is incorporated into. ICAX specifies REHAU PE-Xa piping for construction of Asphalt Solar Collectors and for ThermalBanks™ not only for the quality of the piping but also for the quality of fittings and connections provided by REHAU and the know-how and the support that REHAU provide to their approved partners.

REHAU also provide pipework for underfloor heating which is an efficient means of distributing heat into a building in winter and extracting heat in summer.

It is critical for ICAX that REHAU places such a high emphasis on the quality and longevity of its products, backed up by extensive research and development.

Mike Moseley of REHAU has broadcast a number of webinars on renewable energy, including one done in conjunction with Edward Thompson of ICAX on 1 June 2011. You can hear a recording of the webinar if you click on Interseasonal Heating.

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ICAX projects using REHAU products:
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