Interseasonal Heat Transfer™

If you have a new project and you would like an initial feasibility study, then please give us an outline of your project including:

  • location
  • a site plan
  • estimated heating load
  • estimated cooling load
  • local geology.

Please download the Information Required form as a checklist of the data we need, to be in a position to help you.

Please complete the form (as far as you are able to at this stage) and email us a copy at:

We prefer to work in conjunction with architects and M&E consultants from the earliest stage to ensure that there is a clear understanding of how we can help to deliver a sustainable building with a high carbon offset.

Feasibility Study

We will complete an initial feasibility study and provide an estimate of the cost of incorporating IHT into your project - and the annual savings that result from the Clean Energy Cashback from the Renewable Heat Incentive. The Feasibility Study includes a Technology Matrix which estimates the annual cost and benefit of using IHT compared to a conventional fossil fuel alternative, and the carbon savings. It lists assumptions including CoPs and anticipated price rises and rates for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

IHT can greatly improve the energy efficiency and BREEAM rating of your project.

We can help you with your Carbon Reduction Commitment.

We can help you win the bid if you are in competition to win a new contract.


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