Telford chooses ICAX's Interseasonal Heat Transfer™ for Wellington, Shropshire

Interseasonal Heat Transfer was chosen as the sustainable heating source for the exciting new developments in Wellington town centre. The redeveloped Wellington Civic & Leisure Centre opened on 12 March 2012.

Telford & Wrekin Council has invested £8.5 million to create an enhanced civic centre in Wellington. The scheme includes a new reception area with a café which leads to a new state-of-the-art library and registry office, improvements to the Wellington Leisure Centre, swimming pool, gym and new offices for up to 200 people.

The modern development is designed to complement the historic market town of Wellington which sits beneath The Wrekin on Watling Street. A new public square has been created near the town centre with 40 new homes for older people incorporated into the plan.

The scheme underlines Telford's commitment to public sector investment and stimulating the local economy and the construction industry.

Integral Flat Plate Solar Collector also acts as the roof covering

Integral Flat Plate Solar Collector also acts as the roof covering

Solar Space Heating Design

The ICAX design, which was reached in consultation with the architects and engineers at Telford & Wrekin Council, extracts “free heat” from the large areas of solar roofing on the south side of the building as well as from the changing room ventilation system and swimming pool ventilation system which would be wasted in a traditional system. This free heat is used for domestic hot water, and heating the swimming pool, with the excess heat in the summer being stored in the ThermalBank for re-cycling in winter.

When heating is needed in winter the ICAX system extracts the stored heat from the Thermalbank using a ground source heat pump and distributes it within the building. This recycling of solar heat through the Thermalbank allows ICAX to deliver a significantly higher Coefficient of Performance than would be achieved by a traditional “unassisted GSHP”.

ICAX Skid controls IHT

The ICAX Skid looks at the most cost effective energy source at any given time, and enables the transfer of heat from where it is available most easily to the areas of the building that need heat. Heat is extracted from the solar roofing, or ventilation systems (when cooling is being provided). If heat is not available from these sources the system looks to extract heat from the solar charged Thermalbank using a ground source heat pump. The system also has access to an air source heat pump for those spring days when the external air temperature is rising and the heat store in the ground is depleted at the end of the heating season. The ICAX Skid employs its own EMS ("Energy Management System") to achieve an intelligent approach to save energy and re-cycle heat whenever an opportunity arises.

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Renewable Heat Incentive

The Wellington Civic & Leisure Centre, which opened on 12 March 2012, is expected to benefit from a cashback of 8.7 pence per kilowatt hour of renewable heat used from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Wellington Town Redevelopment uses Interseasonal Heat Transfer

Wellington Civic & Leisure Centre saves energy by using Interseasonal Heat Transfer

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