Interseasonal Heat Transfer™ in Hiroshima

Misawa Environmental Technology Co of Hiroshima in Japan, who have a thirty year experience of borehole ground loop systems and have used this to maintain roads free of ice in winter, contacted ICAX after having heard about IHT from this website. Misawa were the first company to develop geothermal energy in Japan and have done the largest number of geothermal projects in Japan. They were surprised and intrigued to see what ICAX had achieved and asked to meet ICAX and visit IHT sites.

On their subsequent visit Mr Suzawa, the founder and CEO of Misawa, observed that the ICAX technique of storing heat energy at shallow depth in ThermalBanks was radically less expensive than drilling boreholes to extract geothermal heat from depth in winter.

When Misawa retained caution and scepticism as to how these results had been achieved, it was suggested that they might like to build a test installation in Japan. Misawa acquired a licence from ICAX and information was exchanged to allow Misawa to build a test installation at Hiroshima.

The results from the Hiroshima installation are shown in the image above. Misawa were pleased to find that ICAX's Interseasonal Heat Transfer™ techniques did, in fact, work as designed on the other side of the world.

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