Project Energy Strategy guidance

ICAX can provide a complete analysis of the energy options for a particular project, assisting clients in their choice of the best strategy to take forward. We have detailed knowledge of the key performance characteristics of all sustainable technologies, and are able to offer our clients a clear, unbiased view of what choices would best meet their requirements. This analysis may include carbon emissions saving and sustainable energy grant income benefit comparisons.

Project energy profiling

ICAX can provide detailed energy profiling for heating and cooling, including energy profiling modelling for heating and cooling loads.

System Modelling

ICAX is able to provide detailed modelling of heating and cooling system performance using dynamic system thermal modelling.

Registration for Government tariffs

ICAX offers assistance for clients wishing to register for Government tariff support, such as FITS (Feed in Tariff Scheme) and RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) and to achieve accreditation with Ofgem.

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We prefer to work in conjunction with architects and M&E consultants from the earliest stage to ensure that there is a clear understanding of how we can help to deliver a sustainable building with a high carbon offset.

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