Solar water heating – "use it or lose it"

Solar Thermal Collectors heat water to provide domestic hot water: these mechanisms can capture heat efficiently and can be effective where a high volume of hot water is needed at the same time as the sun is shining.

Retrofitting is often an option.

Problems arise when hot water is needed at a different time from when it is collected, as it is difficult to store heat over a period. Heat can be stored overnight in hot water tanks, but if heat is not required when it is collected it will probably be wasted. The best time for heat collection (in the long hot days of summer) may not match the time of greatest need (in the long cold nights of winter).

Overheating can also arise when there is no hot water demand in the peak collection period – summer holidays – as it is not possible to switch off a solar collector.

Renewable Heat Incentive

Solar thermal continues to enjoy the highest RHI tariff.

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