Environment Agency – Good Practice Guide

The Environment Agency is a government body charged with protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development. It recognises that ground source heating and cooling can achieve significant greenhouse gas emission reductions and help the UK aim for its very ambitious target of generating 15 per cent of UK energy from a mix of renewable sources by 2020.

The Agency has written an environmental good practice guide for designers, developers, installers, drillers and owners of ground source heating and cooling ("GSHC") schemes which sets out what needs to be done to comply with environmental legislation and manage environmental risks. The guide refers to the GSHPA Vertical Borehole Standard.

Closed loop systems need no consents

Most GSHC systems employ closed loop ground source heat exchangers and do not require any permissions from the Environment Agency, although its GSHC guide can be useful to developers wishing to install such systems.

Open loop systems need consents from the Environment Agency

For open loop ground source heat pump installations the Environment Agency requires:

  • a groundwater investigation consent
  • an abstraction licence
  • an environmental permit to discharge

See the full text of the Environment Agency's Environmental good practice guide for ground source heating and cooling


Ground Source Heating and Cooling

ICAX has experience in designing and installing balanced heating and cooling systems.

ICAX projects using Ground Source Heating and Cooling include:

Toddington | Howe Dell | Hiroshima | Merton IGC | Suffolk One | Tesco Greenfield | Wellington Civic Centre | Cambridge Terrace | UTP Factory