Tesco chooses Interseasonal Heat Transfer™ from ICAX™

Interseasonal Heat Transfer has been chosen as the sustainable heating and cooling source for the new supermarket in Greenfield, Oldham, which opened on Monday 6 December 2010.

Tesco chose Interseasonal Heat Transfer after commissioning a report from ICAX which concluded that the Greenfield Store would be suitable for an IHT installation, in terms of the building load profile, site parameters and geology. The carbon emissions saving of using Interseasonal Heat Transfer, in comparison to using standard gas boilers for heating and chiller plant for cooling, is estimated at 41%.

Design of Greenfield Supermarket, Oldham

Greenfield superstore is a significant step towards low carbon supermarkets. The 25,400 ft2 building is the first supermarket in the world to be heated and cooled by Interseasonal Heat Transfer.

ICAX Skid controls temperatures at TESCO Greenfield

ICAX Skid arrives at TESCO Greenfield - 20 October 2010

Space Heating Design – Space Cooling Design

The ICAX design for IHT uses the ICAX Skid to collect heat from heat recovery within the building in summer, stores the heat in ThermalBanks in the ground, and releases heat back to the supermarket in winter using ground source heat pumps.

Tesco reduces carbon emissions

As part of Tesco's commitment to halve carbon emissions from its 2006 baseline portfolio of buildings by 2020, it aims for new stores built between 2007 and 2020 to emit half the CO2 of a 2006 new store. The ICAX design of Interseasonal Heat Transfer for Tesco's Greenfield Store is designed to reduce emissions from heating and cooling by 41% compared to a conventional store. Every little helps.

Anna Wisniowski, the manager of Tesco Greenfield, used an interview with Saddleworth News to confirm that the store opens on Monday 6 December 2010, and that about 100 jobs will be available for people from the area.

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