Swimming Pools and Sports Centres

Swimming pools and sports centres present special requirements for heating and cooling: there is need for large amounts of heating to be provided at a low heating temperature. Interseasonal Heat Transfer is very good at providing this kind of heating with a very low carbon footprint. Sports centres and changing areas may also need cooling and ventilation. IHT can provide cooling by using Heat Recovery techniques, and the heat recovered can be recycled into the swimming pool water, or stored in ThermalBanks for use in winter.

Interseasonal Heat Transfer™ for swimming pools ...

  • provides reliable, low-cost on site Renewable Heat for water heating and space heating by re-cycling solar energy
  • saves over 70% of carbon emissions compared to using a gas boiler for heating
  • provides reliable, low-cost, on site Renewable Cooling by re-cycling winter cold
  • saves over 80% of carbon emissions compared to using standard air conditioning for cooling
  • provides low-cost heat source for pools by using ThermalBanks as thermal stores
  • reduces emissions by using re-cycled solar energy instead of burning fossil fuels
  • prolongs the life of solar thermal panels by saving the heat in ThermalBanks instead of allowing them to overheat in summer
  • attracts Renewable Heat Incentive cashback for use of ground source heat pumps
  • attracts Renewable Heat Incentive cashback for use of solar thermal collectors

Interseasonal Heat Transfer™ provides green energy to swimming pools ...

ICAX Skid controls IHT

The essence of Interseasonal Heat Transfer is that ICAX can double the performance of an “unassisted ground source heat pump” by starting with warmth from a Thermalbank – stored heat energy from the previous summer.

ICAX also uses heat recovery from inside the building in summer – this provides the dual function of providing cooling and storing the heat extracted for recycling the following winter. ICAX also uses heat recovery on the ventilation systems used in the changing rooms and recycles the heat back into the pool water.

Both solar thermal technology and ground source energy are very efficient at producing warmth [warm temperatures in the region of 30°C to 60°C] as opposed to heat [high temperatures above 90°C]. This is exactly what is needed for heating swimming pools, showers and space heating.

The combined benefits make IHT an attractive renewable energy choice for swimming pools aiming for low energy use.

Interseasonal Heat Transfer is the key to sustainable building by providing solar space heating and natural cooling through one integrated design. IHT has recently been chosen by Telford & Wrekin Council for the Wellington Town Centre redevelopment project which incorporates a swimming pool.


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