Heating and cooling loads in Factories

Industrial facilities often release heat energy as a by-product of the processes they employ.

The excess heat can cause the need for cooling – or wasting of that heat – in order to maintain the efficiency of that process.

There may be an opportunity to capture the heat generated – and make the cooling process more efficient – in order to use that heat elsewhere (for space heating of offices or for washing facilities) or to use the heat at another time (for space heating in winter).

Interseasonal Heat Transfer can address these needs efficiently and economically by balancing the needs for heating and cooling within the building, and between the seasons.

Interseasonal Heat Transfer™ for Factories ...

  • provides reliable, low-cost on site Renewable Heat for space heating by re-cycling solar energy or waste heat
  • saves over 70% of carbon emissions compared to using a gas boiler for heating
  • provides reliable, low-cost, on site Renewable Cooling by re-cycling winter cold
  • saves over 80% of carbon emissions compared to using standard air conditioning for cooling
  • provides low-cost heat source for factories by using ThermalBanks as thermal stores
  • reduces emissions by re-cycling heat energy instead of burning fossil fuels
  • can attract Renewable Heat Incentive cashback for use of ground source heat pumps
  • can attract Renewable Heat Incentive cashback for use of solar thermal collectors

Interseasonal Heat Transfer™ provides green energy to factories ...

ICAX Skid controls IHT

The combined benefits make IHT an attractive renewable energy choice for factories aiming for low energy use or aiming to meet Carbon Reduction Commitments.

Interseasonal Heat Transfer is the key to sustainable building by providing solar space heating and natural cooling through one integrated design.


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