ICAX has been invited to speak at Sustainability Live
on Solar Assisted Ground Source Energy   1-3 April

ICAX explains how Interseasonal Heat Transfer can help you address the key issue of combating global warming in a practical way that is in tune with the natural environment.

Protecting and enhancing the environment sits at the heart of sustainability. With the growing awareness that the built environment accounts for nearly half of the UK’s CO2 emissions; innovative, green solutions for designing, constructing and using buildings are in urgent demand.

ICAX answers that demand by providing Interseasonal Heat Transfer which heats buildings in winter without burning fossil fuels. Surplus solar energy is captured by Asphalt Solar Collectors and stored in ThermalBanks in the summer for release into buildings in winter using a ground source heat pump. ICAX can help you achieve sustainability in the built environment.

Edward Thompson, Director, ICAX Ltd, will speak at a seminar on:

Solar Assisted Ground Source Energy - how to double the performance of heat pumps

  • Integrating Ground Source Energy with other Renewable Technologies
  • balancing withdrawals & deposits to Thermalbanks
  • balancing annual heating loads & cooling loads
  • working with carbon free resources
  • how Interseasonal Heat Transfer achieves thermal equilibrium

The subjects covered at the Sustainability Live Seminars include:

Full details are available on Sustainability Live at the NEC, Birmingham.

See also: REHAU press release on Interseasonal Heat Transfer and the REHAU - ICAX Strategic Alliance.

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