Heated Runway Systems

The ICAX website received a large number of visitors in May 2012 following a series of articles on Heated Runway Systems:

Airports Will Steal Summer’s Heat to Thaw Frozen Winter Runways was top story on Gizmodo.

Keeping Airport Runways Clear In Winter with Heat Saved From The Summer appeared on Fast Co.Exist.

Heated Runway Systems was published in Jane's Airport Review in March 2012.

These articles in turn linked back to an article which had appeared in the Telegraph in April 2011: Geothermal heating could solve Heathrow's ice problem.

However, if you want a deeper analysis of the problems that disrupted Heathrow in December 2010, and a practical solution, we would refer you to Deicing Heathrow's Aircraft Parking Stands.

Successful trial of Under Road Heating at Toddington Services

See the extended report by Transport Research Laboratories on the successful two year Toddington demonstration of Interseasonal Heat Transfer: TRL report on IHT for roads.

Heated Roads - Solar Road Systems from ICAX

ICAX Solar Road Systems clear snow using under road heating at Hiroshima

Interseasonal Heat Transfer

The primary function of Interseasonal Heat Transfer is to heat and cool buildings without burning fossil fuels by means of exploiting Ground Source Energy and ThermalBanks.

See Solar Roads clear snow

See Solar Runways clear ice

Under Road Heating at Toddington is also featured in a BBC London News clip. To see video click on:

BBC News London