Sir David Attenborough meets President Obama at the White House

President Obama has been an admirer of David Attenborough and his natural history films all his life and shares a deep fascination for the natural world.

Obama, who has spoken regularly on the need for us all to address the problems of man made global warming, invited Attenborough to the White House and asked him:

    "What are the prospects for this blue marble that we live on in the middle of space?
    Do you get a sense that we are going to get ahead of these problems with climate change, get a handle on these issues and reverse some of these problems?
    Or are you more pessimistic?"

Attenborough replied:

    "I believe that  if we find ways of generating and storing power from renewable resources, we will make the problem with oil and coal and other carbon emissions disappear, because economically we will wish to use other methods. And if we do that, a huge step will have been taken towards solving the problems of the earth."

The BBC film of the White House interview is well worth watching.

Interseasonal Heat Transfer

In terms of heating, ICAX has already found ways of capturing solar energy in summer, storing heat in thermalbanks in the ground and delivering heat to buildings in winter without burning fossil fuels.
For details of this huge step see: Interseasonal Heat Transfer.





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