Universal Precision Tool Co

Challenge for UTP: The bore tolerance for this component is straight round and has to be within 0,005mm along the whole length. To achieve this, the air temperature has to be carefully controlled at the specified 68.4°F, because just 1° of temperature change, would be 2.5 times the tolerance.

Process: Turn, mill, harden & temper, Grind, Hone & Sleeve lap, match grind to 0,001mm tolerance.

Interseasonal Heat Transfer (IHT) recycles heat from factory floor down to a ThermalBank in summer.
IHT uses a heat pump to recycle heating in winter without burning fossil fuels.
IHT doubles the Coefficient of Performance of the heat pump by starting from a warm ThermalBank and controls the large thermal mass of the factory floor to allow UTP to achieve the precision its customers require.