Carbon Emissions Calculator for heat pumps using grid electricity by country and area of the UK

To see variations in CO2 emissions in different parts of the UK click on the red links on the right.

The current carbon emissions from different heating systems are shown below in a small program that updates to the current grid carbon intensity every hour.

The carbon emissions of heating based on heat transfer using grid electricity are dramatically lower than any heating system based on combustion of carbon compounds.

The route to lower CO2 emissions from heating

If we are serious about controlling carbon emissions, we need to stop combustion of carbon fuels and move towards the electrification of heat.

That means installing ground source heat pumps now.

Not just for off-gas grid areas, but for all on-electric grid areas as well.

Not just for heating, but also for cooling as well.

The route to lower NO2 emissions from heating

In addition to CO2 emissions, combustion releases NO2 emissions. NO2 emissions have been identified, along with particulates, as the key factors in urban air pollution. Air pollution is now thought to be contributing to up to 9,500 premature deaths a year in London alone.


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