ICAX CPD seminars on Interseasonal Heat Transfer

In response to queries from Architects and Mechanical and Engineering firms, ICAX now offers CPD seminars on IHT and seasonal thermal storage.

These one-hour seminars, which are usually held at lunchtime at recipients offices, are designed to help professionals keep up-to-date with the latest approach to storing solar energy from the time it is freely available (in summer) to the time when it is needed (to heat buildings in winter).

Interseasonal Heat Transfer is a new form of on site renewable energy that combines the merits of solar thermal collection in summer with heat storage in ThermalBanks to double the efficiency and Coefficient of Performance of ground source heat pumps in winter.

IHT answers the call for on-site renewable energy. The call is coming from clients who are looking for energy efficiency in buildings, and also from those responsible for achieving planning consents.

How to double the performance of ground source heat pumps

IHT is also relevant for those who want to increase the Coefficient of Performance of Ground Source Heat Pumps from the normal level of 2 to 3 up to a level of 5 or 6 which can be achieved when ThermalBanks are charged with summer heat before heat is extracted the following winter.

Energy saving opportunities

The practice of heat storage in Thermalbanks and thermal transfer opens up a number of possibilities for saving energy. These start with storing summer heat for winter use. They continue with storing winter cold for summer cooling. Further developments include using Heat Recovery to transfer heat within a building from hot areas to cold areas simultaneously and extend into district heating when some buildings (IT data centres and supermarkets) require cooling next to other buildings (like schools and housing) which require heating.

Please contact us on 020 7253 2240 if you would like to book a CIBSE accredited seminar in your offices. Or email enquiries to

These IHT seminars may also be used for CPD by RIBA members.

Further details of the seminar are provided below.

ICAX CPD seminars

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