Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum
Delivering the Renewable Heat Incentive

Tuesday morning, 13 November 2012
Harvey Goodwin Suite, Church House Conference Centre, Dean's Yard, London SW1P 3NZ


9.00 Chairman's opening remarks

Barry Gardiner MP, Energy and Climate Change Select Committee

9.05 Renewable heat in the UK – the progress so far

What is the current level of renewable heat being used in the UK?

How is this distributed across the various technologies?

Can the RHI help deliver the UK's challenging domestic and European 2020 renewable energy targets?

Dr Peter Connor, Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy Policy, University of Exeter


9.15 Delivering the Renewable Heat Incentive

Fiona Mettam, Renewable Heat Incentive Team, Department of Energy and Climate Change

Matthew Harnack, Associate Director, Commercial, Ofgem

Questions and comments from the floor


9.55 The business rollout, controlling costs and supporting new technologies

How have Government the recent consultations been received by the renewable heat industry?

What impact has the RHI had on energy costs in business properties already participating in the RHI?

Will the Government plans to manage the budgets create the same uncertainty for the RHI as has been experienced with Feed-in Tariffs and how will this affect the industry's ability to expand?

Are the Government's plans to increase the Renewable Heat Premium Payment enough to maintain certainty and investor confidence during the RHI business rollout, until the domestic rollout starts in 2013?

Dr Peter Connor, Chairman

Dave Sowden, Chief Executive, Micropower Council

Alan Simpson, Sustainable Energy Advisor, Friends of the Earth

David Matthews, Chief Executive, Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Edward Thompson, Director, ICAX

Questions and comments from the floor


10.55 Coffee

11.25 Chairman's opening remarks

Lord Redesdale, Member, Associate Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group

11.30 Moving towards the 2013 domestic rollout and long-term prospects

Is the Government's ambition to have 1.2 million heat pumps installed in homes by 2020 achievable?

Does the industry have a supply chain and workforce capable of delivering this target?

What are the emerging technologies that could be eligible for inclusion into the RHI in future?

With strict budgetary measures imposed on the RHI until 2015 and further policy proposals in the Government's September consultation for the domestic rollout, what is the long-term outlook for the RHI?

Cathy Debenham, Founder and Director, YouGen

Steve Roberts, Multi-Technology Sales Director, Myriad CEG

Kelly Butler, Marketing Director, British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association

Steve Gray, Head of Heat Pump Technologies, British Gas

Ilias Vazaios, Consultant, Ecuity Consulting

Questions and comments from the floor


12.25 The view from the energy industry – the strategy for delivering renewable heat in the UK

Freya Phillips, EDF Energy

Questions and comments from the floor


12.55 Closing remarks

Lord Redesdale, Associate Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group

Ben Goodwin, Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

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