High Temperature Ground Source Heat Pump

Robinson College, Cambridge

Following an initial feasibility study and successful applications to the Environment Agency for the appropriate permissions, Robinson College has asked ICAX to install a water source heat pump to meet the base load of its heating and hot water requirements by heat exchange with Bin Brook which runs through the college grounds.

Surface water heat pump is chosen by Robinson College

The surface water heat pump at Robinson College transfers heat from Bin Brook to heat the college in winter and provide hot water all year round. ICAX is using heat pumps and seasonal thermal energy storage with a sophisticated energy management system to provide a totally automated system that balances the temperature in the building by heat exchange with the stable temperature of the water in the brook that runs through the college gardens.

The existing gas boilers are being retained as a back-up and to supplement the water source heat pump on cold days.

The benefits of using a surface water heat pump are that this will:

High Temperature Ground Source Heat Pump
  • reduce the annual cost of heating (in conjunction with RHI income)
  • reduce carbon emissions by recycling heat from Bin Brook into the college
  • reduce annual maintenance needs
  • provide cooling in summer as well as heating in winter from one integrated system
  • install a safe, silent, invisible heating system which meets all planning requirements
  • invest in a heating and cooling systems that will last for generations
  • reduce the need to import or burn fuel in Cambridge

Air Quality

The ICAX heating installation at Robinson College will emit no gases into the atmosphere and will play its part in improving the Air Quality in Cambridge.


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