Microgeneration Certification Scheme - MCS

The MCS certificates microgeneration technologies used to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources.

The MCS is linked to financial incentives including Feed in Tariffs for microgeneration of electricity and the RHI for the microgeneration of heat.

The commercial RHI started on 28 November 2011 and provides annual financial incentives for owners of non-domestic buildings who generate renewable heat, including heat from ground source heat pump installations.

The domestic RHI is available from 9 April 2014 to owners whose heat pumps are installed by an MCS certified installer. An MCS certified installer has to install MCS certified heat pumps with a rated capacity up to 45KW. An MCS installer who can demonstrate competency may also install multiple MCS installations of up to 70 kWth within a given property: and it is not be necessary for these multiple areas to be hydraulically separated.

The amount of domestic RHI payable depends on the EPC for the property.

The installer must install following the guidance in MIS3005: the Microgeneration Installation Standards for heat pumps.


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