ICAX is invited to speak on ground source energy
at Ecobuild   ExCel London     6 March 2014

ICAX will be at Ecobuild to explain how Interseasonal Heat Transfer can help you address the key issue of combating global warming in a practical way that is in tune with the natural environment.

Protecting and enhancing the environment sits at the heart of sustainability. With the growing awareness that the built environment accounts for nearly half of the UK’s CO2 emissions; innovative, green solutions for designing, constructing and using buildings are in urgent demand.

ICAX answers that demand by providing Interseasonal Heat Transfer which heats buildings in winter without burning fossil fuels. Surplus solar energy is captured by Asphalt Solar Collectors and stored in ThermalBanks in the summer for release into buildings in winter using a ground source heat pump.

ICAX can help you achieve sustainability in the built environment.

Green Energy Seminar – 6 March 2014 – 12.30-14.00

Specifying ground source heat pumps

From initial geological survey and design through to thermal modelling and installation, this session delivers best practice pointers for specifying and installing ground source heat pumps.

It also includes case studies of successful GSHP projects at different scales.


Specifying ground source heat pumps
David Matthews
Chief Executive
Georeporting and specification John Findlay
Renewable Energy Consultant
Carbon Zero Consulting
Social housing case study – Yeovil:
Installing 200 GSHPs in 90 days
John Barker-Brown
Special Project Manager
Interseasonal Heat Transfer – case study
Integrating solar collection and Ground Source Heating
Edward Thompson


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